Saint Peter Church (Lorca - Murcia)

Saint Peter Church (Lorca)

This church was built on the slopes of the castle, forming part of the so-called "high parishes" of Lorca, together with the Church of Saint John the Baptist and the Church of Saint Mary.

Its antiquity is proven, with information known regarding the first phase of its construction by marginal notes to the Parish Books of Baptism, which are now missing but where it is documented that the ceiling of the church was painted in 1477.

It can be said that the parish of Saint Peter maintained, throughout the centuries, the initial architectural structure and appearance, from the 15th century, despite the logical remodelling inherent to the passage of time.

The temple, which was restored in 2019, was desecrated and now hosts socio-educational and cultural activities, such as exhibitions, courses, and training workshops for the residents of the neighbourhood.

Urban regeneration works were also carried out in La Coronela Square, near the church. Lorca residents and visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the historic centre from the panoramic viewpoint in the square, in front of which a dozen benches have been arranged.

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