Saint Patrick Collegiate Church (Lorca - Murcia)

Saint Patrick Collegiate Church (Lorca)

This is the only collegiate church in Spain that is dedicated to Saint Patrick, an Irish saint.

This dedication has its origin in the famous battle of “Los Alporchones”, which occurred on Saint Patrick's Day in 1452 (March 17). In this battle, the inhabitants of Lorca faced the Muslim soldiers from the Kingdom of Granada, who had completely devastated the region of Cartagena.

In 1533, Clement VII granted a papal bull for its construction on the old Church of Saint George, which was of medieval origin and in a dilapidated state.

Its construction lasted from 1536 to 1780 and has a marked Renaissance style, being built thanks to the push of the local bourgeoisie, who wanted to dignify the image of the city of Lorca.

This, along with the facades of the Basilica of Vera Cruz, in Caravaca de la Cruz, and the Cathedral of Murcia, are the only three monumental facades in the Region of Murcia, where all the faces tend to have a baroque style.

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