Saint James Church (Lorca - Murcia)

Saint James Church (Lorca)

This Baroque temple is based on an old hermitage from the 15th century, also dedicated to Saint James the Greater. Its construction lasted from 1470 to 1745. The current church of Saint James began to rise in 1745. Its construction took 36 years and it was inaugurated in 1781.

This church, like many other churches in the city of Lorca, has undergone a number of renovations throughout its history, due mainly to the successive earthquakes that the city has suffered.

The temple was destroyed during the Civil War and rebuilt from 1940, when the current bell tower was erected. Later, in 1994, the roof and dome of the temple were restored.

The last earthquake in Lorca, on May 11, 2011, destroyed part of the church. Its last reconstruction took place in 2018 by Juan de Dios de la Hoz. This reconstruction has been awarded the Rafael Manzano Prize.

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