Saint Francis Church (Lorca - Murcia)

Saint Francis Church (Lorca)

The Church of Saint Francis, in the Baroque style, has its origins in the 16th century. The style is noticeable inside, in the ornate and gilded details on its headboard and columns.

Inside, it houses one of the most important samples of baroque altarpieces in the Region of Murcia, as it is the only set saved from destruction during the Spanish Civil War.

The current church was built in the second half of the 16th century as an integral part of the Convent of Saint Francis. However, subsequent renovations between the 17th and 18th centuries made the temple hardly resemble the original.

The Church of Saint Francis is the headquarters of the Paso Azul (Labradores Brotherhood), which is one of the main Brotherhoods of Lorca’s Holy Week. The Church of Saint Francis becomes a high point of Holy Week. Among all the images of the temple, the image of Our Lady of Sorrows, head of the Brotherhood, stands out.

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