Weather forecast

The weather in La Union

Saturday, 30th of September 11:00 14:00 17:00 20:00 23:00
Fair Fair Fair Fair Clear Clear Clear Clear Fair Fair
Temperature 24°C 27°C 27°C 24°C 22°C
Wind 8 Km/h 12 Km/h 12 Km/h 6 Km/h 4 Km/h
Northeast Northeast East East East East Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast
Humidity 75% 63% 61% 76% 88%
Sunday, 1st of October 2:00 5:00 8:00 11:00
Fair with fog Fair with fog Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
Temperature 20°C 20°C 19°C 25°C
Wind 4 Km/h 5 Km/h 4 Km/h 4 Km/h
Northwest Northwest North North Northwest Northwest Northeast Northeast
Humidity 92% 83% 74% 54%
Monday, 2nd of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
27°C Partly cloudy 27°C 19°C 15 km/h
Northeast Northeast
76% Sunrise: 7:58
Sunset: 19:49
21:35 - 11:26 Moonrise: 21:35
Moonset: 11:26
Tuesday, 3rd of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
26°C Partly cloudy with fog 26°C 19°C 14 km/h
East East
84% Sunrise: 7:59
Sunset: 19:47
22:14 - 12:37 Moonrise: 22:14
Moonset: 12:37
Wednesday, 4th of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
28°C Partly cloudy 28°C 20°C 23 km/h
Northeast Northeast
78% Sunrise: 7:59
Sunset: 19:46
22:59 - 13:44 Moonrise: 22:59
Moonset: 13:44
Thursday, 5th of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
28°C Cloudy 28°C 17°C 19 km/h
Northeast Northeast
80% Sunrise: 8:00
Sunset: 19:44
23:51 - 14:45 Moonrise: 23:51
Moonset: 14:45
Friday, 6th of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
28°C Partly cloudy 28°C 17°C 34 km/h
Northeast Northeast
84% Sunrise: 8:01
Sunset: 19:43
---- - 15:38 Moonrise: ----
Moonset: 15:38
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The town of La Union (Murcia) has a variable climate in accordance with each season of the year, its temperature generally being between 6ºC and 28ºC, with few occasions when it falls below 2ºC or rises above 37ºC.

Its winters are often long, cold, dry, windy and partly cloudy, while summers are warm, muggy, arid and mostly clear.

The best time of year to visit La Union is from late June to early September, when the average temperature is around 24°C. The hottest day of the year usually has a maximum temperature of 31.4ºC and a minimum temperature of 20°C, according to historical records.

The coldest season of the year lasts about 4 months, from 23rd November to 22nd March, when the average temperature is below 14ºC. The coldest day of the year in La Union usually has a minimum temperature of 6°C and a maximum of 16°C.

The rainy season lasts about 8.4 months (from September to May), in which an average of 313 mm is collected, the rainiest month being October with an average precipitation of 52 mm.