Roman Archaeological Museum (La Union - Murcia)

Roman Archaeological Museum (La Union)

The museum is located in the Old Charity Hospital in the town of Portmán, a building built in 1892 to care for those injured from mining activities.

It shows a collection of archaeological pieces, from the first human evidence found in the Minning Sierra until the closure of the mining industry. The most important piece exhibited in this museum is the mosaic of the Roman Village of Paturro, whose dating is calculated between the first century BC and III AD. This town is considered one of the most important in the region of Murcia.

The Romans made intensive use of the region's mineral resources, especially between the second and first centuries BC, a period in which 40,000 slaves worked in the mines, leaving us with numerous vestiges that are now exhibited in the museum's rooms. Here, silver, lead, iron, zinc, and other minerals were extracted that were exported through the port of Portmán itself.

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