Mining Museum (La Union - Murcia)

Mining Museum (La Union)

Its collection has many elements related exclusively to mining and stands out for being an expressive sample. It also has pieces of great heritage value. It is a very educational museum that serves as a testimony to the industrial past of the city, thus helping visitors understand the productive, socioeconomic, and technical environment of the time when the mines were in operation.

The museum is divided into five rooms that show the different mining processes, as well as the daily life of the miners. It is interesting to highlight its collection with more than 200 mineralogical varieties that stand out for their industrial interest and beauty. The collection shows the tools used by the miners, some scale models, and a remarkable array of minerals.

The museum is located in the “Casa del Piñón”, a building that is the work of the architect Pedro Cerdán and Victor Beltrí, built in 1905.

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