Weather forecast

The weather in Jumilla

Tuesday, 26th of September 12:00 15:00 18:00 21:00
Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Clear Clear
Temperature 22°C 27°C 26°C 20°C
Wind 3 Km/h 8 Km/h 12 Km/h 7 Km/h
South South South South Southeast Southeast South South
Humidity 63% 46% 50% 75%
Wednesday, 27th of September 0:00 3:00 6:00 9:00 12:00
Clear Clear Fair Fair Fair Fair Mostly cloudy with fog Mostly cloudy with fog Partly cloudy Partly cloudy
Temperature 17°C 15°C 15°C 16°C 22°C
Wind 3 Km/h 2 Km/h 2 Km/h 3 Km/h 5 Km/h
Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast South South
Humidity 92% 95% 96% 96% 66%
Thursday, 28th of September High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
27°C Fair 27°C 14°C 12 km/h
South South
72% Sunrise: 7:56
Sunset: 19:57
19:39 - 06:32 Moonrise: 19:39
Moonset: 06:32
Friday, 29th of September High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
28°C Clear 28°C 14°C 13 km/h
Southeast Southeast
70% Sunrise: 7:57
Sunset: 19:55
20:05 - 07:48 Moonrise: 20:05
Moonset: 07:48
Saturday, 30th of September High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
29°C Fair 29°C 14°C 11 km/h
Southeast Southeast
65% Sunrise: 7:58
Sunset: 19:54
20:32 - 09:02 Moonrise: 20:32
Moonset: 09:02
Sunday, 1st of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
27°C Clear 27°C 12°C 14 km/h
Southeast Southeast
49% Sunrise: 7:59
Sunset: 19:52
21:02 - 10:16 Moonrise: 21:02
Moonset: 10:16
Monday, 2nd of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
27°C Clear 27°C 12°C 13 km/h
Southeast Southeast
53% Sunrise: 8:00
Sunset: 19:50
21:35 - 11:30 Moonrise: 21:35
Moonset: 11:30
Weather by
The Murcian Altiplano region receives its visitors with a cool climate, presenting temperatures that do not exceed 18°C, with mostly cloudy days and continuous rainfall.

The nights in the Altiplano are partly cloudy with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 16°C. There are light easterly winds at speeds of up to 11 km/h - ideal for those travellers looking for temperate climates and cold days.

Jumilla welcomes its tourists with cool temperatures between 15°C and 19°C. It is common to see cloudy and cold mornings, though in the afternoon the sky is clear.

Note that rains are frequent and sometimes unexpected. The nights in Jumilla are cold, with temperatures not less than 12°C. Occasionally there may be fog, while slight precipitation can occur with winds from the southeast, which can reach speeds of approximately 14 km/h.