The Big House Cultural Center (Santomera - Murcia)

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Church of the Rosary

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This is a 19th-century building whose construction is presumed to have been in 1869. In 1926 it was consecrated as a basilica to venerate the Virgin of the Rosary on the patronal festival of October 7 of each year.

It has an imposing colourful facade that, on each side, has two bell towers showing its majesty. It also has a beautiful combination of cream, gray and white colours that transmit information about the moment and make us recreate or recall the chromatic atmosphere of that time.

The Big House Cultural Center

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The Big House Cultural Center (Santomera - Murcia)
This is a monumental building dating from the 19th century whose aesthetic has a clear influence of the Italian Renaissance and has modernist details.

It exhibits an imposing facade with harmonious lines, a spacious and bright cloister and a great imperial staircase. In addition, it has a beautiful wrought iron grille.

Its construction, in its first phase, was directed by the architect Bartolomé Ródenas and ended in 1903.
It was a family home for three decades, although later it became, according to the request of its last owner, an asylum for the care of the poor of the locality.

A final rehabilitation was carried out between 2001 and 2003. Currently, the beautiful building is the main cultural scene of the municipality.

Town Hall

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Town Hall (Santomera - Murcia)
This is a majestic and modern construction from the second decade of the 20th century, consisting of two floors and a tower.

It is characterized by its simplicity, use of lines and asymmetry and was initially known as “Villa Carmencita”. It was a family home for at least 50 years. After the death of the last family group, the executor and the Municipal Corporation fulfilled the wish according to which the property should become part of the municipal patrimony.

The Garden House

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The Garden House (Santomera - Murcia)
The year of its construction is not known, although it possibly dates from the 18th century. This is confirmed by some writings that mention the first date as October 2, 1756. However, other places mention the transfer of the house in 1826.

It is the oldest house in the municipality and is a large inheritance whose owners (Los Murcia) were botanical lovers developing a beautiful garden. This led to the place also being known as the ‘Garden House’.
It was a place of great importance and, in fact, was frequently visited by great personalities from politics and the church. In addition, it was the place of shelter of the Virgin of the Rosary in the middle of the Spanish Civil War, after the construction of her historic oil mill between 1826 and 1837.

In 2005, the City Council agreed with the descendants to incorporate it into the municipal patrimony.

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