Gastronomy in Fuente Alamo de Murcia

Fuente Alamo de Murcia is a town of almost 20,000 inhabitants with an ancient agricultural and livestock tradition. This has earned it a well-deserved reputation as a culinary centre of great importance.

The origin of the gastronomy of this town dates back to the intense grazing that, at the time, led to the creation of dishes of great nutritional and energetic value, to combat the cold and harsh climate of the region.

From this reality, the recipes of what in the future would be the exquisite typical dishes of the population began to be created.

A constellation of delicacies

The number of typical dishes of deserved fame would compose a whole recipe book but the most popular include the following:

Gazpacho Manchego

This delicious dish is prepared with rabbit, partridge or hare, some of the most common game animals in the region, together with snails that make up the gazpacho cake and other ingredients that can vary according to the season in which it is cooked.


There is a whole series of variants. Among them are the “Mataero” porridge made with hard bread or flour added to pork belly and seasoned with a series of spices.
“Gachas migas” is a very popular dish in winter, made up of potatoes, flour, oil, garlic and salt, which gives it an essential contribution of calories.


This popular stew is cooked with dried broad beans to which chorizo, ham bones and bay leaves are added, among other ingredients that are seasoned in a casserole along with pepper, garlic and salt. This gives it the unique and characteristic flavour that has made it famous.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known dishes in Fuente Alamo de Murcia.

This stew is one of the typical Christmas dishes in the Spanish Levante area and has a large number of variants.

The “pelotas” are meatballs that are generally made with beef, lean pork, egg, pine nuts and parsley, mixed together with breadcrumbs.
On some occasions in the “pelotas”, the pork is replaced with chicken, turkey or any other poultry, accompanied by chickpeas and other legumes, and then served piping hot.

Due to their high caloric component, “pelotas” quickly became popular among the population during the cold months, including at Christmastime. Over time, they became part of the December gastronomic menu.

Rice with rabbit

Thanks to the large number of hares and rabbits in the region, they quickly became part of the gastronomic menu, with rabbit rice being one of the most popular dishes since ancient times.

In addition to the two main ingredients, this exquisite stew includes tomato, red pepper, garlic, salt and olive oil.

Much more to taste

Apart from its popular and famous dishes, Fuente Alamo de Murcia stands out for its variety of sweets, including “arrope”, “hornazo”, butter cakes, sweet rolls and delicious fried rolls.

Finally, Fuente Alamo de Murcia is also known for being a highly developed centre of the local wine industry, especially its exquisite white and red wines, which are recognized under the trade name of “Vino del Campo de Cartagena”.