St Augustine Church (Fuente Alamo de Murcia)

History of Fuente Alamo de Murcia

Throughout history, many places in the Murcia region have attracted visitors. However, few have the cultural wealth of Fuente Alamo de Murcia.

Fuente Alamo de Murcia is 273 square kilometres and borders the municipalities of Murcia, Cartagena, Mazarron, Torre Pacheco and Alhama de Murcia. It has a total population of 17,225 inhabitants (2021 data) distributed throughout its entire municipal area. Approximately 60% of its inhabitants are located in the urban area.

Fuente Alamo de Murcia has had a historical presence since the time of the Romans; however, the true recorded history of the town began in the year 1520. Before this time, the Murcia region feared constant attacks by barbarians, although it finally stabilized after the conquest by the Catholic kings.
Fuente Alamo Museum (Fuente Alamo de Murcia)
During the 15th century, livestock and agricultural activities began to take control of the entire economy of Fuente Alamo de Murcia, initiating its economic wealth. With this economic activity arose the need to delimit the borders of the region, defining the land that belonged to each Murcian municipality.

In the 16th century, the current Fuente Alamo de Murcia was divided into different regions. Thus, it was during this time that the different Murcian municipalities began to unite.

This brought about cultural and economic changes and, at the same time, the construction of the various Catholic temples that can be found today in the different parts of the region. The population quickly grew thanks to the natural wealth that this region promised, with its livestock and fertile lands.

At the beginning of the modern era, Fuente Alamo de Murcia suffered, as did many other populations with a single economic activity. Its economy began to decline as the world modernized. However, it quickly overcame this situation.

Fuente Alamo today

Currently, the economy of Fuente Alamo de Murcia is varied, providing great wealth to the area and fostering great population diversity. Among the most deeply rooted economic activities of the past, the main ones are agriculture and livestock. Fuente Alamo de Murcia has made incredible technological advances in agriculture and livestock, being a pioneer in this sector.

Seeking to optimize the technology industry in the economic sector, Fuente Alamo de Murcia has the first Technology Park in the Murcia region. It is known as the Fuente Alamo Technology Park and contains a large number of companies focused on scientific research, as well as technology. This is one of the largest sources of income in the region.

Tourism in Fuente Alamo de Murcia is an important part of the economy of the Murcia region. Fuente Alamo de Murcia is a place full of historical areas, museums and local information sources, among others.