Torres Park (Cartagena - Murcia)

Torres Park (Cartagena)

Also known as the “Duck Castle”, as it used to have a duck pond, Torres Park is the most emblematic green space in Cartagena. Instead of ducks, today visitors come across a large number of peacocks.

It is located on Conception hill. To access this green space, one can either use the tourist elevator or take the walk up its stairs. Once at the top, one can see unbeatable views of the city, the port, and the different neighbourhoods from the viewpoint on the esplanade where the San Patricio Battery was formerly located.

Formerly, it had a sacred function and, later, a defensive function thanks to its excellent location. It should be noted that during the Spanish Civil War, a battery was located here that repelled the bombings and the neighbourhood alert siren.

From the tour of Torres Park, we can highlight an Australian fig (Ficus Macrophyllla) and the lantern that was a lighthouse from the Arab period, belonging to the ninth century. It served as a guide for the sailors of the port of Cartagena.

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