Saint Francis Square (Cartagena - Murcia)

Saint Francis Square (Cartagena)

This imposing square is located where the Convent of Saint Francis used to be located and which gave it its name. In 1844, the convent was dismantled and then the square was built with the design of the architect Carlos Mancha. Later, it was remodelled, at both architectural and botanical levels, by the architect Tomás Rico.

In 1927, the statue was placed in the square as a tribute to the Cartagena actor Isidoro Máiquez.
We can highlight the Maestre House, bordering the square with modernist architecture and exquisite decoration on its door, with Rococo details. This house was designed by the architect Marceliano Coquillant, who was inspired by Gaudí's Casa Calvet.

The most recent remodelling of the Saint Francis Square sought to integrate the remains of the Roman forum that are located below it, to make this period of history present. This historical period is also commemorated with a sculpture of Augustus, a replica of the original from the Roman forum in the Curia.

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