La Merced Square (Cartagena - Murcia)

La Merced Square (Cartagena)

This square was created in the 17th century and was given the name of La Merced Convent, which does not currently exist, but at the time it overlooked the square.

In 1878, numerous modifications were made by engineer D. Eugenio de la Garaganza. The renovations were designed taking into account the climatic peculiarities of the region with regard to the choice of botanical species that would adorn the square.

In 1901, the Aguirre Palace, built by Victor Beltrí with modernist architecture, began to be built in La Merced Square. It was originally conceived as a private home for the miner, but today, after its last remodelling, it has been internally connected to the adjoining building and is the headquarters of the MURAM (Regional Museum of Modern Art).

In 1926, a sculpture in memory of the Cartagena military Commander Villamartín, an icon of military historical thought, was added to the square.

It is worth mentioning that in ancient times, in this area there was an entrance road to the city in Augustan times, a probably monumental nymphaeum and the remains of a Punic dwelling.

Currently, it is a green space for recreation where one can enjoy walks surrounded by a beautiful and varied collection of plant species.

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