Heroes of Cavite and Cuba Square (Cartagena - Murcia)

Heroes of Cavite and Cuba Square (Cartagena)

This arose from an expansion of the port that led to the construction of a building for the Port Works Board on the dock. Later, next to the Consistorial Palace, what would become the Heroes of Cavite Square was created in 1915.

In 1923, the monument to the Heroes of Cavite and Cuba was added, made by the plastic artist Julio González Pola as a tribute to the fallen and the survivors of the wars in Cuba and the Philippines in 1898. It was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia.

Between 1926 and 1930, the construction of the buildings of the Port and Customs Works Board that are located around the square culminated. In the 1990s, the square and the surrounding areas were renovated to become a pedestrian zone.

Over the years, the Heroes of Cavite Square underwent several modifications in the design of its green space, but the palm trees and rose bushes have persisted. A botanical species to highlight in this square is the palm heart, which is considered the only palm tree of European origin.

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