Curra Dam Lighthouse (Cartagena - Murcia)

Curra Dam Lighthouse (Cartagena)

Its name stems from the dam called the “Curra” and it is located in the western area of San Julian Mount. Originally, a breakwater was built to prevent the various vessels from colliding with the submarine slab of the port. Later, due to the need to provide signalling at the end of this breakwater, the lighthouse was built.

The definitive appearance occurred in 1917. The Curra Dam Lighthouse was referred to as “sparkling green with a range of 7 miles”. For this reason, it is also known as the “green lighthouse”.

This lighthouse is of cylindrical construction in white colours; the upper part is green. The body is made of masonry. Inside is a spiral iron staircase that reaches the service chamber under the lighting room, which is accessed by a ladder. In addition, the lighthouse has a cistern inside it.

It is 14 meters high and has a diameter of 2.2 meters. Its range reaches up to five miles.

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