Christmas Dam Lighthouse (Cartagena - Murcia)

Christmas Dam Lighthouse (Cartagena)

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The Christmas Dam Lighthouse is named for its neighbouring Christmas Battery. Its origin goes back to the construction of a breakwater to defend the bay from the southeast wind. The need to install lighting was immediately detected, given the risk that this rock spill represented for the vessels that left and entered the bay.

The engineer José Rodríguez Acerete, in charge of the Cartagena port works, created this project for the Cartagena port. In 1881, he began construction of the Christmas Dam Lighthouse on a permanent basis. Its final appearance was in 1917, when it was designated as "flashing red, with a range of 10 miles".

Due to its superior colour, it is also known as the "red lighthouse". As for its construction, it is cylindrical, with a height of 15 meters. The range of its light is 10 nautical miles or 18.5 kilometres.

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