Cabo de Palos Lighthouse (Cartagena - Murcia)

Cabo de Palos Lighthouse (Cartagena)

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This is located at the top point of Cabo de Palos, in the rockiest part of the town, with which it shares its name.

In 1554, on the order of King Charles I, who was motivated by the numerous coastal attacks by Berber pirates, a watchtower called San Antonio was built. Later, during the reign of Phillip II, the development of a much more complex and larger defensive system began. These projects ended in 1578.

Already in 1862, the Renaissance tower had been demolished. Its foundations were used to build the new lighthouse. These works continued until 1864.

The building of the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse is square, with 20 meters per side. It has two floors and a height of 11.6 meters up to its parapet. Its facade is made of ashlar walls. The lighthouse is located 51 meters above the ground and 81 meters above sea level. The light it emits is white and has a night range of 23 nautical miles, with a pattern of twinkling in groups of two flashes per 10 seconds.

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