Tower of Saint Helena (Cartagena - Murcia)

Tower of Saint Helena (Cartagena)

This tower, also called the Tower of La Azhoia, was designed during the 16th century as part of the coastal surveillance system. It is located in the fishing village of La Azhoia, at one end of the Gulf of Mazarron. The Tower of Saint Helena is surrounded by the Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso, and Roldán.

It is believed that the construction of this tower arises from one of the watchtowers projected by Charles I with the aim of avoiding possible Berber pirate attacks from North Africa.

The Tower of Saint Helena was built between 1556 and 1598. The engineer who designed it was the Italian Juan Bautista Antonelli. It underwent modifications in the 18th century and was in use until the 19th century, when it ceased to have military utility and was transferred to the Carabineros Corps.

Its construction is hexagonal in masonry. It has two bodies and two floors connected by a spiral staircase. Its ceiling is vaulted and it has a cistern.

In 1985, it obtained the declaration of Asset of Cultural Interest. After being in a state of disrepair, restoration works were carried out between June 1989 and May 1990.

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