Santa Ana Battery (Cartagena - Murcia)

Santa Ana Battery (Cartagena)

The Santa Ana Battery belongs to the C-5 complex together with those of San Isidoro, Santa Florentina, and San Leandro. This entire complex is located from the San Pedro dock to Cala Cortina.

The Santa Ana Acasamatada Battery has been located, since its origin in the 17th century, at an altitude of 16 meters and was reformed in the fortification improvement project of 1860, leaving it in the shape of a tower. Later, it was provided with six Ordoñez 150/45 mm iron cannons.

The Santa Ana Complementary Battery, which is only 55 meters away from the first one mentioned, is located at an altitude of 25 meters. Its construction ended in 1895 and it was in service until 1940, when it was dismantled.

Of the Santa Ana Battery, most of its structure is still preserved, which by its appearance resembles a castle. This battery was declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

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