San Leandro Battery (Cartagena)

This is a small battery located on the eastern front, in a strategic area of Cartagena's mouth at 12 meters above sea level, from where it is used to control night maritime traffic in the bay.

The origin of the construction of this battery dates back to the 18th century, when the different military works for defensive improvement ordered by the monarchy took place. After its original construction, it underwent renovations in the 19th century.

During the Spanish Civil War, this battery had an important function, as it is believed that one of its cannons forced the route of the national ship Castillo Olite, changing its direction so that it entered the range of the La Parajola Battery, where it would later sink as a result of the impact of a gunshot.

The San Leandro Battery can be accessed by the road that goes to the Santa Lucia neighbourhood from the promenade of the pier.

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