Jorel Battery (Cartagena - Murcia)

Jorel Battery (Cartagena)

This is located at the tip of Cabo Tiñoso, at a height of 218 meters above sea level, and is complemented by Castillitos, being a continuation of it. Above this battery, in a staggered manner, are the Ashes Battery and the Atalayon Battery.

The construction of this battery was carried out between 1931 and 1932, within the framework of the Primo de Rivera Naval Bases Defence Plan of 1926. Originally, it had four British Vickers guns, of which three are still in their original place. The fourth was withdrawn for exhibition at the Cartagena Artillery Museum.

The name of this battery has its origin in how the fishermen of the area used it as a reference to indicate where they fished the horse mackerel, “jurel” in Spanish. In 1945, it was given the official name of Battery C-2, and later it fired its last shots on March 10, 1992. In 1994, it was out of service due to the implementation of the North Plan for modernization and administration of the assets of the Spanish Armed Forces.

Today, the Jorel Battery is a Site of Cultural Interest.

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