Fajardo Batteries and Barracks (Cartagena - Murcia)

Fajardo Batteries and Barracks (Cartagena - Murcia)

This military complex is located in the “Soto de la Podadera”. Its origins belong to the 18th century, although its current appearance is due to numerous modifications and spare parts that it had throughout its history. The original construction of three small batteries was provisionally in the context of the umpteenth war against Great Britain, ending the 18th century.

The construction is of mixed wall and its concrete vaults. It has a rectangular structure, an internal patio, and two caponiers in opposite corners. They were abandoned after their original purpose, but later, in the Defence Plan of 1860, they were modernized and reformed.

The complex actively participated in the Spanish Civil War, but after this fact, it gradually lost its relevance. It was completely dismantled in 1960 to become a military supply depot. Currently, it is an Asset of Cultural Interest and the ammunition depots, barracks, and barbetas of its settlements are preserved.

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