Christmas Fort (Cartagena - Murcia)

Christmas Fort (Cartagena)

This fort was in charge of protecting the entrance to the city of Cartagena. Its construction style is Neoclassical, with casemates built of stone blocks for the placement of eight pieces of artillery on the ground floor and eight more on the upper floor.

Currently, the Christmas Fort is used by “Cartagena Puerto de Culturas”. The building has a customer service area, vending machines, a souvenir shop, toilets, and an elevator to reach the second floor.

This work, built as a project of the military engineer Esteban de Panón, can be subdivided into two parts: one with two floors where the artillery pieces and the powder magazine are located; and the other part dedicated to the garrison of the fort, where the bedroom, the pantry, the kitchen, and the toilet room and latrines are located.

On this walk, one can see what daily military life was like in a 19th-century fortress.

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