Chapa Battery (Cartagena - Murcia)

Chapa Battery (Cartagena)

Located near the Portman Lighthouse, this defence structure was built in 1926 under the Naval Bases Defence Plan to face the advances in military matters that had taken place after World War I, which had made the previous defensive belts.

It is also called C-8 and had a great and important role during the Spanish Civil War. Its service came to an end in 1993 and a year later it was dismantled.

Neoclassical in style, it had four British Vickers 15.24 cm cannons, model 1923, which were located in a parallel direction with respect to the coast. The Chapa Battery also had a coastal projector with a range of up to 11,900 meters, a mortar pit, and trenches for the infantry.

Today it is an Asset of Cultural Interest and can be travelled from the Portman road that leads to the lighthouse. Continuing the tour, Neoclassical buildings can be seen that housed the lodgings, kitchens, offices, spare parts warehouse, and canteen, where a mural of the Portman lighthouse and the bay behind it can be seen.

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