Cabo Negrete Battery (Cartagena)

This military defence complex is also known as C-9 and is located on the mountain with which it shares its name, at 280 meters above sea level, near the Bay of Portman.

After its construction during the 1926 Defence Plan, it was equipped with four A.A. 105/45 model 1923 of the British company Vickers. Its function was to provide anti-aircraft protection to the Ashes Battery.

During the Spanish Civil War, it fired 293 shots with a breaker projectile. At this same time, two cannons were removed and placed in the Sierra Gorda and Los Dolores batteries. It was dismantled in 1953 and ceased to have a military function.

The Cabo Negrete Battery can be accessed through an old military track from the road that connects Portman and Los Belones.

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