Atalayon Battery (Cartagena - Murcia)

Atalayon Battery (Cartagena)

This anti-aircraft fortification was built in the context of the Defence Plan of 1926, after the approval of the project by the government of Primo Rivera.

The Atalayon Battery is located at an altitude of 345 meters and offers an impressive panoramic view, from Escombreras Island to Mazarron Port. This fortification possessed A.A. 105/45 British-made Vickers that helped prevent imminent attacks by enemy aircraft on El Jorel and Castillitos.

Its first shooting tests were carried out in 1933 and its importance stood out during the Spanish Civil War. In 1952, it was dismantled and became an ammunition warehouse. For this purpose, certain modifications were made to its structure.

Currently, the Atalayon Battery is an Asset of Cultural Interest and can be traversed by accessing a stone road, with the path starting at the Battery of Castillitos.

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