Midshipmen School (Cartagena)

The School of Midshipmen was an old military academy whose objective was to train future officers of the Spanish Navy.

This school was born with the reform and boom project of the Spanish Armada in the 18th century.

Its construction took place between 1789 and 1810 in a Neoclassical style and it is located on the walls of Charles III. The architect in charge was Juan de Villanueva from Madrid with the collaboration of other engineers and architects such as Simón Ferrer y Burgos, Simón Torres, and José Polo Pavía.

In 1824, it suffered a closure along with many other schools when the cadet formation was unified on Lion Island, Cádiz, until it moved to Marín, Pontevedra.

Later, it was used again as the headquarters for the Marine Administration. Its facilities are currently used by the General Services of the Spanish Navy.

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