Museum of Modern Art (Cartagena - Murcia)

Museum of Modern Art (Cartagena)

Known as MURAM, the Museum of Modern Art is located in the old building renovated by the architect Martín Lejárraga and is attached to the modernist building of the Aguirre Palace. Originally, the building had been built in an eclectic-modernist style in 1901 by Victor Beltrí, in the space where an old convent was located.

The MURAM was inaugurated on April 29, 2009. Currently, it holds only temporary exhibitions and is in charge of carrying out scientific and cultural promotion activities, in addition to developing cultural action programs.

The MURAM exhibits works from the late 19th century to the present day. Among the most prominent artists whose works have been exhibited in this museum, we can highlight Rodin, Dalí, Tapies, and Chillida, as well as many others, both national and international.

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