Las Matildes Mine Interpretation Centre (Cartagena)

In this exhibition space, the most important events in the history of mining throughout 2,000 years can be appreciated in a dynamic and didactic way.

Thanks to the Las Matildes Mine Interpretation Centre, one can learn about the historical, cultural, and mining heritage of the region. In it, one can visit the old mining complex, now restored. The industrial heritage of the Mining Sierra of Cartagena-La Union is a National Historical Mining Heritage and could be obtaining the declaration of World Heritage.

This centre emerged to highlight and disseminate the mining history of the Mining Sierra of Cartagena-La Union and its enormous industrial heritage. In this place, visitors can enjoy marvellous landscapes, with unusual coloured terraces, large mining pits, and various elements belonging to industrial archaeology (chimneys, ovens, towers, laundries, etc.). It also offers areas of great environmental interest with an enormous wealth of flora and fauna.

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