Civil War Museum (Cartagena - Murcia)

Civil War Museum (Cartagena)

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This museum is located in a tunnel on the slope of the Mount of the Conception. The tunnel was one of the many anti-aircraft shelters from the time of the Spanish Civil War. The museum is a centre for the interpretation and exhibition of objects belonging to that war.

It has two exhibition rooms, the first dedicated to daily life during the Spanish Civil War, and the second dedicated to passive and active defence.

Through the objects on display, the Civil War Museum seeks to remember and recognize this recent historical event. With its galleries of objects and testimonies in audio-visual format, it helps to remember and understand the dimension and rawness of this episode in Spanish history.

In addition, it has a panoramic elevator that leads to the highest point of the Mount of the Conception, where one can see privileged views of the bay and the city.

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