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Bolnuevo Erosions

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Bolnuevo erosions
The region of Murcia has much charm. Proof of this is the Bolnuevo Erosions, a marine platform created by sediments from the sea, surrounded by a special mysticism due to its origin.

Did you know that it is one of the most photographed rock formations on Costa Cálida? Its beauty, rarity and capricious location make the Bolnuevo Erosions a protected natural area of the Sierra de las Moreras, as it is a unique natural phenomenon.

Outstanding natural appeal

This formation is an example of the enormous force that nature possesses, as water and wind have shaped it, providing an image of honeycombs with uneven wear.
The various materials of the rocks, some more resistant than others, have caused the weakest parts to wear away, leaving behind the strongest – a natural process known as alveolar erosion.

To admire the beauty of the Bolnuevo Erosions, one does not have to be an archaeologist. You will instantly fall in love with so much natural beauty, composed of rocky and yellowish clay that has been transformed for millions of years.
The somewhat extravagant forms of these rocky mountains give free rein to the imagination of those who visit the place. Some point out that they are like lands on other planets; others say that these rocks, known as clay, have been formed from dinosaur bones.
In 2019, the Bolnuevo Erosions were declared Natural Heritage of the Region, adding to Murcia one more charming destination, a unique landscape to admire in the world.

What are the Bolnuevo Erosions made of?

These peculiarly shaped rock formations are the result of transformations taking place over millions of years. It is said that the accumulation of reddish sediment began in the Quaternary period, that is, approximately 2.5 million years ago.

The creation of paleocanals and the accumulation of marine microfossils, as well as the erosion of water and wind, produced this majestic natural beauty.

A place full of history

Bolnuevo is also a place with stories, legends and mysticism, which comprise the most popular traditions of the place. An example of this is the Pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin, a celebration that has been held every November 17 since 1585, when it is said that she saved the place from an invasion of Algerian pirates.

Without a doubt, the area is full of history and great cultural value that must be shared with the world, not only because of how it was endowed by nature, but also because of the events that happened here.

The Bolnuevo Erosions represent one of the most attractive landscapes in the country due to its rarity and unique beauty, in addition to offering postcard-worthy sunsets.
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