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Hiking trails in the region of Murcia

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Sometimes we need to walk to clear our heads. If you enjoy connecting with nature on quiet walks, you will love the hiking trails in the region of Murcia. Beautiful views, curious places and new experiences—dare to walk through Murcia!

Path of the Castles of Monteagudo (PR-MU 37)

This is a walk for all audiences—a route to learn about the history and old customs and culture of Murcia.

The path intersperses a beautiful museum, the Monteagudo Visitor Centre. It has a length of approximately 6 kilometres surrounding the Huerta de Murcia. The tour begins at the Hermitage of Saint Cajetan, where you will find the trail path duly identified.

Route of the Sierra de la Muela

A spectacular route for all audiences is awaiting you. The route starts from a group of houses that form the village of Pie de la Muela and continues in a straight line up the mountain.

The Sierra de la Muela is within the Natural Resources Management Plan. At the edge of the mountains, at a maximum elevation of 550 meters and a drop of 472 meters, you will find yourself on a route through wooded areas where the sea greets you in the distance at its highest points.

Do not forget to take photographs, as this is a place worth remembering! And, of course, do not forget to bring enough water, because the sunlight will not leave you.

Route of Librilla and Infierno Ravines

This route runs through eroded terrain, with little vegetation. At 13.6 kilometres in length, it is a definite challenge for those who are used to quiet hiking.

What makes it so attractive? The spectacular shapes of the badlands, the gorges of the Infierno Ravine and the Gebas reservoir. A view of the latter offers a visual spectacle with different shades of green. Don't forget to bring enough water and sunscreen.

Route of Monte de las Cenizas

In the Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas and Peña del Águila Natural Park is the start of the route of Monte de las Cenizas, winding from a separate branch of the Via Augusta that once linked Cartago Nova and Tarraco.

Following this route, you can observe an authentic Roman villa and road, known as the “Villa del Paturro”. As you ascend, you will find areas of Mediterranean forest, with spectacular fauna. Have you seen chameleons walk calmly in their habitat? This is the place to do so.

At the top, you will find the Cenizas Battery, a military construction created to protect the area.

Trail of the Trenches of the Lost Valley (SL- MU 29)

This is a 6-kilometre route that runs through the El Valle and Cascarroy Regional Park, near the district of La Alberca, belonging to the municipality of Murcia. Learn about the history of the harsh war events that this route conveys.

In it, you will find 16 standing trenches, three underground cavities that were once improvised shelters and one nest of two fixed machine guns. Although it is a short-distance route, it is a challenge due to its steep ascents and vertical descents. Do you dare to learn the secrets that Murcia kept during the war? The route of the Trenches of the Lost Valley cannot be missing from your list of places to visit.

The route begins at the El Valle Fauna Recovery Centre, where you will find an information panel.
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