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Things to do in the region of Murcia (III)

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Mazarron (Murcia)

Visit the House of Fortune in Cartagena

A guided visit to the House of Fortune in Cartagena will allow you to discover all the secrets about customs and life in Roman times.

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You can tour the different rooms that made up a house in Roman Carthage Nova from the first century, such as the room where clients were received, the bedrooms and the dining room, where lavish banquets were held.

Discover the mining past of Mazarron

Learn about the mining past of Mazarron and the importance of mining activity throughout the area by visiting the Mazarron mines.

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The history of Mazarron is inextricably linked to the mining industry. The Mazarron mines have been exploited since Roman times, when the area where Mazarron is located was a very productive mining centre.
Iron, silver, copper, lead, alum and almagre have been extracted here.

Visit a winery in Jumilla

Jumilla is one of the most recognized and outstanding wine producers in all of Spain. Visiting a winery in Jumilla is a unique experience through which you can learn all the secrets of making the famous Jumilla wines.

  Activities in Jumilla

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and experience new sensations by discovering these jewels of the region of Murcia.

Diving in Cabo Tiñoso

The Cabo Tiñoso Marine Reserve offers seabeds worth admiring, with submerged caves, seagrass meadows and artificial reefs.

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Since 2016, it has been declared a Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest, which is a means of protecting the marine ecosystem, with special interest in the regeneration of fishing resources.
Diving in its waters is a unique experience that you will never forget.

Visit Sierra Espuña

Sierra Espuña is the perfect place to practice a multitude of activities, many of them full of adrenaline, which will make you feel alive in the middle of nature.

  Activities in the region of Murcia

Hiking, canyoning, via ferratas, kayaking and paddle surfing in swamps ... the options to get to know Sierra Espuña in a different way are many and varied, and all of them are fun.
Activities in the region of Murcia

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