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Things to do in the region of Murcia (II)

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Roman Theater of Cartagena

Enjoy the flowering of Cieza

If you are in Cieza during February and March, you cannot help but enjoy the beauty that adorns these landscapes.

  Activities in Cieza

At this time, the floating of thousands of peach, apricot, Paraguayan, plum, nectarine and almond trees creates a unique landscape. It is an unparalleled show that receives the attention of thousands of visitors each year.

Visit the Roman Theatre of Cartagena

The beautiful city of Cartagena has a jewel that the whole city boasts about: its magnificent Roman theatre, one of the best preserved in the Iberian Peninsula and a mandatory stop for all lovers of history and art.

  Activities in Cartagena

Delve into the Roman past of Cartago Nova by visiting this imposing theatre built between the years 5 and 1 BC.

Go rafting in the Almadenes Canyon

In addition to enjoying an activity full of adventure, you will get to know cave art, protected spaces and places declared World Heritage Sites.

  Rafting in the Almadenes Canyon

The waters of the Segura river, in its section through the Almadenes Canyon, are perfect for sports activities. You will enjoy it like never before!

See a holy city

For the Catholic Church, Caravaca de la Cruz is one of the five holy cities along with Jerusalem, Rome, Santo Toribio de Liebana and Santiago de Compostela.

  Activities near Caravaca de la Cruz

This beautiful city welcomes visitors with an impressive old town of medieval origin.
And if you want to participate in festivities, don't miss the patron saint festivities in honour of the Holy and Vera Cruz, declared of International Tourist Interest, and the festival of the Wine Horses, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Drink a very cold Estrella de Levante

Botellin de Estrella Levante
This beer was created in Murcia in 1963. It is native to the city and without a doubt the most consumed by its inhabitants. For this reason, drinking a very cold Estrella de Levante is considered as important as visiting the Cathedral of Murcia.

You can find it in restaurants, bars and terraces, so you will undoubtedly try it more than once, although it is recommended to enjoy it in the university area, where the atmosphere is always full of energy.
The region of Murcia is a real box of surprises; in it, you will always find something to do.
Activities in the region of Murcia

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