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Things to do in the region of Murcia (I)

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Murcia Cathedral
The region of Murcia is characterized by its enormous and attractive charms. If you are visiting or you want to spend an incredible vacation, you may wonder: Where to go?

Once you discover the range of possibilities before your eyes, you will not hesitate to explore all the wonders that the region offers you, enjoying the wide variety of tourist spaces that it offers, which are part of its cultural heritage.

Visit the Cathedral of Saint Mary

The foundation of the city of Murcia dates back to 831 at the hands of the Arabs, with the construction of the famous walls. This is one of its legacies that are still present in its streets, as well as a large number of archaeological remains.

  Activities in the city of Murcia

Later, the construction of several churches occurred, such as the Cathedral of Saint Mary, considered the jewel in the crown of the city.
It was consecrated in 1467 and its façade is inspired by the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. In addition, climbing the tower of the Cathedral of Saint Mary will allow you to enjoy the best panoramic views of the city of Murcia. If you are a lover of viewpoints, this would be the ideal option. When you walk through the cathedral area, it is impossible to not enjoy other beautiful buildings such as the Episcopal Palace or the City Hall Building.

Walk the pedestrian streets

The streets of the city of Murcia do not go unnoticed. Among them, Trapería Street and Platería Street stand out.

If you have the opportunity to visit them, do not hesitate to do so, both during the day and at night, when their lighting makes them much more beautiful.

  Activities in the city of Murcia

These two streets are named after popular businesses that operated there in the past.

Visit the Royal Casino of Murcia

When you walk down Trapería Street, you can't miss the Royal Casino of Murcia, which was inaugurated in 1847. Since its inception, it has been a space whose members have frequented to play. In addition, it is used to carry out cultural activities and family gatherings.

  Activities in the city of Murcia

Its eclectic structure will not fail to impress you. It has an Arab patio inspired by the Alhambra and is considered one of the most famous spaces in the city. It is really beautiful.

Visit the Castle of Lorca

Also known as the City of the Sun, the city of Lorca stands out for its spectacular castle, which dominates the city from above.

  Activities in Lorca

It was built in the Middle Ages and played an essential role in the war between the Muslims and the Christians, due to its invincible form. It has a large Tourism Parador, which gives you the chance to take a walk around the town and see its palaces, museums and churches.

Get lost in the Ricote Valley

This spectacular valley is also known as the Moorish Valley, as even today you can still appreciate the heritage left by the Arabs.

  Activities in the region of Murcia

It has beautiful landscapes from the Segura river basin and charming towns that will allow you to enjoy a dream destination.
Activities in the region of Murcia

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