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10 reasons to visit Cieza

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Cieza (Murcia)
Cieza is the capital of the Vega Alta del Segura region. It is a town rich in history and archaeology; its archaeological sites, located in the Mediterranean Arch, have been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

It offers a wide variety of entertainment and tourism possibilities for all types of visitors, with fantastic museums and dreamlike natural landscapes. For many and for all that it offers, Cieza is close to being the main bastion of tourism near this part of the Mediterranean.

We present our 10 reasons to visit Cieza:
1. Siyasa Museum: This is the most important and representative museum exhibition in the city of Cieza. It is a formidable example of the archaeological history of the region. Its magnificent models describe the ancient constructions of the Arab people, installed in times of yore.

2. Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption: This beautiful building was rebuilt in the 18th century on top of an earlier church dating from the 15th century. It is the most iconic temple in the city of Cieza.
3. Paseo de Cieza: This is one of the busiest areas of the city. It was built in 1887, although it was moved in 1986. It is the perfect place to enjoy art thanks to the ceramic murals by a local artist named Jose Lucas Ruiz. These ceramic murals are found on the ground and on columns.

4. Flowering in Cieza: Among the most precious treasures of the locals are the peach trees, which are the main protagonists of the agricultural industry in Cieza. Between February and March, they offer an unparalleled show in the entire region. The flowering of the peaches attracts many people for their masterful beauty.

5. Gastronomy: One of the most representative dishes of Cieza's gastronomy is the “chupaeros” snails, from the countryside, which have a very particular intense flavour. Also noteworthy are the “michirones” and the “gachamiga”, in their soft and hard versions. In addition, you cannot miss trying the famous peach “sangria”.

6. Gastronomic fair: Around the Flowering in Cieza, Spain Square receives the best culinary proposals in the city. It is a pleasant event and a satisfying journey for the palate that includes formidable Murcian gastronomic creations.

You can participate in a majestic wine tasting, as well as enjoy exquisite and original desserts.
7. Cueva Sima de la Serreta: This is a very famous rock cavity in which the Romans lived. The guided tour is the best, as it is full of information about the cave. You can see cave paintings in very good condition, ideal for lovers of this type of art.

8. Extreme tourism full of adrenaline: The offering of tours and entertainment activities for fans of extreme and adventure sports is varied. Rafting through the Segura river, several via ferratas and even launching from bridges safely, are among the most daring possibilities.
9. Almadenes Canyon: This is a must-see in Cieza and even in the entire region of Murcia. It is a Protected Natural Area of great fame, through which the waters of the Segura river flow. Across its more than 116 hectares, the waters vary in intensity.

10. Gorgoton Fountain: Just 3 kilometres from the Almadenes Canyon is this paradisiacal pool flooded with warm and crystalline waters. It is one of the best-kept secrets for frequent visitors, who would like to keep to themselves the comforting experience that this site offers.
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