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Typical dishes of the region of Murcia (II)

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Female tourist holding Murcian meatloaf
The region of Murcia is known as "The Garden of Europe" for the quality and variety of its farm products. To these are added the great variety of fish and meat of all kinds, which give rise to an extensive and varied culinary tradition.

Discover among its typical dishes the details of its meatloaf, unique in the entire country.


This is one of the most traditional dishes of the region of Murcia. This type of preparation, which essentially consists of a baked dough filled with beef stew, was very popular throughout Spain in the 17th century. Its tradition has been preserved over time and has developed particularly in this area of the country.

This exquisite delicacy is one of the great prides of Murcian cuisine, which is famous for its richness and variety. The ingenuity and talent of its master chefs, combined with the excellent ingredients found in the region, make it one of the most appreciated dishes today by demanding diners.

Meatloafs have been known since as far back as ancient Rome. In Spain in particular, due to its extraordinary mixture of cultures and the influence that each one of them had on the peninsula, very diverse versions were developed, with the Murcian being the one that has obtained the most fame and popularity.

The meatloaf, as its name suggests, consists of a kind of baked wheat flour pie, puff pastry type, filled with a tasty beef stew that includes chorizo, egg and ham, among other ingredients, and a large variety of spices.

Great variety with the same base

There are many variations in the preparation of meatloaf, the result of the development of this recipe over time. Although it was originally a savoury dish, some versions include sweet flavours in its filling.
Meatloaf dough has many variations. The most traditional is a thick bottom and a spiral-shaped puff pastry top, though the creativity of modern chefs has produced their own creations, which are widely accepted.

The filling of the meatloaf also has multiple varieties in its preparation, the main base of all of them being beef, cut into small pieces. Usually, pieces of chorizo, ham, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and peppers are added to this stew, as is a selection of the best spices as seasoning.
Some versions of the filling include black pudding, olives, sausages, cow brains and practically any type of organ meat or sausage. The combinations are endless, achieving a truly spectacular collection of flavours.

It is a substantial dish, with strong flavours and being high in calories and protein. It is not highly recommended for those with delicate stomachs or digestive difficulties. However, it enjoys great popularity and acceptance among most lovers of good food.

Throughout the region of Murcia, it is possible to taste several varieties of this exquisite dish, as it is found on the menus of most restaurants. It is also usually ideal as food to take away and consume on walks and excursions due to the practicality of its presentation and its ease of transport.

Festival in its honour

Murcian meatloaf even has its own festival, celebrated during the Spring Festival in the city of Murcia.

In this traditional festivity, around 10,000 meatloafs are baked and distributed among the attendees. The most prestigious chefs strive to prepare their best specialties for this occasion.

For the visitor or tourist, it is quite a gastronomic experience to savour this typical dish, genuine and representative of the great cultural wealth of the region, and one of those with the greatest tradition and history in the entire Iberian Peninsula.
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