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10 reasons to visit Alcantarilla

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Church of the Assumption (Alcantarilla - Murcia)
Alcantarilla is part of the Huerta de Murcia region, within the metropolitan area. Nearby is the Alcantarilla Air Base, which is the base of the Air Force's Parachute Sapper Squadron, and also the Mendez Parada Military School of Parachuting.

Alcantarilla has a rich history dating back to the 5th century BC, with the Iberians, Romans and Arabs populating its fertile lands. Currently, there are many tourist sites to enjoy.

We present our 10 reasons to visit Alcantarilla:
1. Ethnological Museum: La Huerta Museum is surrounded by centuries-old gardens at the confluence of the Alquibla, La Daba and El Turbedal irrigation channels.

It is an area of great importance for keeping traditions alive, allowing us to learn what life was like for the ancient people through various exhibitions such as costumes, utensils and ceramics, among others.

The museum also stands out for its beautiful water wheel, which represents a typical barrack of the time.
2. Water Wheel of Alcantarilla: The water wheels are the quintessential symbol of the Murcian orchard and the culmination of a visit to the La Huerta Museum.

The majestic presence of this hydraulic device, which is still working at full capacity, is impressive. Its original version was built in the 15th century.

3. Bicycle rides: Through the “friendly road”, which connects Alcantarilla with other towns in Murcia, you can get to know the rich culture and landscape of the region of Murcia in a sustainable and fun way.

It is a site little travelled by motor vehicles. Simply follow the riverbed and enjoy the wonderful landscape of the region.

4. Festival of the Witch: This festivity takes place at the end of May and has been declared of Tourist Interest in the Region of Murcia.

During the previous weekend, a Medieval Market is installed in the upper part of the oldest neighbourhood in the town, the San Roque neighbourhood. Everything is set in the time of the inquisition and witchcraft.

5. Let's go shopping: Main Street is the main artery of the city. Here, we will find a large number of shops, suitable for all budgets, as well as a splendid atmosphere. In March, the Outlet Fair is held, in which the best brands are exhibited at the best price.
Los Arcos Aqueduct (Alcantarilla - Murcia)
6. Los Arcos Aqueduct: This is also known as the Cequeta Aqueduct.

It is a work of architecture and civil engineering designed to improve the water supply in the city.

It has been declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument and is located in the vicinity of La Huerta Museum.

It dates from the 15th and 16th centuries.
7. Artisan Market: This is popularly known as "Las Palomas" and is held on the fourth Sunday of each month in Constitution Square. Here, you will find souvenirs made by master craftsmen, such as embroidery, miniatures and creations in wood, leather and glass, among others.

8. Holy Week: During Holy Week in Alcantarilla, several events are held, organized by the brotherhoods and fraternities that make up the Board of Passionate Brotherhoods of Alcantarilla.

9. Gastronomy: You must try the typical food of this region, for example, the delicious “tortas de recao” (typical of Christmas), the “olla gitana”, stuffed peppers and cod croquettes (typical of Lent), among many other culinary delights.

10. Religious route: In Alcantarilla, you can visit several churches and hermitages that attest to the religious tradition of the town.

Also, you cannot fail to visit the Church of Saint Peter, the Church of the Assumption, the Church of Saint Roch, the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Peace and the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Health.
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