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10 reasons to visit La Union

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El Lastre Beach (La Union - Murcia)
La Union has an incomparable landscape that invites you to discover and enter this territory full of mining and artistic history.

This municipality has spectacular contrasts between the sky, the sand and the sea. It is also the perfect place for those seeking peace and tranquillity.

We present our 10 reasons to visit La Union:
1. Mining Park: If you want to have a unique and singular experience, you can visit the Mining Park of La Union, an incredible place that extends over 50,000 square meters.

This industrial complex has a locomotive available for visitors, in addition to the Agrupa Vicenta mine, an old 80-meter-deep deposit that allows tourists to learn about the harshness of the mining activities of the 18th and 19th centuries.
2. Flamenco Festival: The International Festival of Cante de las Minas is an artistic event highly respected throughout the world, which brings together the most established artists and the new talent that compete for the “Lámpara Minera” and the “Bordón Minero”.

This contest is held in August.

3. Beaches: Given its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, this municipality has some beautiful beaches that invite you to enjoy them with your family.

The most famous and crowded is El Lastre Beach, with calm waters, while Portman Beach is more solitary, with rougher waves.

4. Festivals: The Patroness Saint Festival of La Union takes place the first fortnight of October, to pay homage to the Virgin of the Rosary.

During these festivities, you can enjoy numerous concerts and presentations, as well as different activities such as costume parades, float parades and crazy car races, which enjoy support among the inhabitants.

5. Gastronomy: Closely related to the Mediterranean Sea, its cuisine is based on the use of fish and shellfish. The most popular dish is grouper in a casserole, followed by shrimp with chillies.

6. Mining Holy Week: La Union has a peculiar way of celebrating Holy Week, which is closely linked to its mining identity.

By attending this celebration, one discovers an interpretation of the passion of Christ unique in the world.
7. Religious route: This town is passionate and very devout. Its religious tradition is seen in its majestic temples, which symbolize the Christian faith of its inhabitants.

The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, also known as the Cathedral of the Sierra Minera, is one of the most visited places due to its beauty, which will surely captivate you.
8. Museums and history: If you want to learn everything about mining activities and identity in this beautiful municipality, visit the Mining Museum and the Cante de las Minas Museum.

In addition, you can visit the Ethnographic Museum of Roche and the Archaeological Museum of Portman.

9. Old Municipal Market: Known as the Cathedral of Cante de la Mina, this beautiful iron and glass building is equipped with incredible acoustics and lighting to host the main events of the town.

10. National Fair of Minerals and Fossils: This event takes place every year and brings together a large number of collectors and professionals in this field from around the world for the sale and exchange of stones, fossils and minerals. Even parts of meteorites have been offered at this fair.

The fair lasts three days, coinciding with Holy Week.
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