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Portman Bay

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Portman Bay (La Union - Murcia)
At the foot of the Sierra Minera de Cartagena-La Union is the Bay of Portman. Its active state and strategic location made the village of Portman a relevant enclave in the Mediterranean.

The area enjoyed great wealth in minerals and its commercial port made the activities carried out in the place even more lucrative. Due to its boom and potential, it did not take long for the first urban nucleus of the village to begin forming in its vicinity.
During Roman times the Bay of Portman existed but was known as Portus Magnus.

At the end of this period, there was a decline in mining in the area, which did not resurface again until the 19th century.

All these years of mining activity have left the place clogged, transforming the initial landscape of the coast and the mining mountains.
At present, the remains of the mining operations can be seen, although a general regeneration plan for the bay has been approved, so that tourist use of the place can be glimpsed as soon as possible.

Beginnings of the Portman Bay

The great boom generated by mining activities in the bay during the 19th century led the village of Portman to attract a large number of curious immigrants seeking to be part of that economic production. One of the causes of the development of mining was the industrialization of Europe at the end of the 18th century, which required enormous quantities of minerals.
Portman Bay (La Union - Murcia)
However, the population of Portman began to feel the carelessness of Cartagena, which was surrounded by great difficulties that ended in imminent segregation.

In 1860, Portman, Herrerias, El Garbanzal and Roche decided to join forces to form a new municipality.

In 1968, thanks to the help of General De Bosch, El Garbanzal joined Herrerias to formally found the municipality known as La Union, leaving Roche and Portman as districts.
During the First World War (1914-1918), the control of mining in Portman remained in the hands of traditional companies. These large companies were in charge of imposing price guidelines in the bay to form and maintain the creation of monopolies around the continuous mining activity. It was to be expected that the prices of each of the exploited minerals were also designated by them. But these companies did not count on a new crisis that would soon arise.

Work became scarce, which caused a great exodus of workers and mining talent. Entire families left the city for various destinations.

Silting of the Portman Bay

The mining exploitation of the Portman Bay triggered an unprecedented ecological disaster, with thousands of tons of sterile waste dumped into the place and causing its definitive closure for this or other uses.

Portman is currently a village that is rising from the environmental catastrophes suffered in the bay and remains in search of new horizons. It is undoubtedly a place that aspires to a full regeneration of the area so that it can continue telling stories to residents and future visitors.
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