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5 reasons to visit Ricote

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Ricote (Murcia)
A land kissed by heaven. Ricote presents a spectacular landscape, under the foundations of a millenary culture. It is a place that you cannot miss during your holidays in the region of Murcia – a land with a high Muslim influence, with palaces and medieval streets.

Do you want to be immersed in the 15th century? Ricote offers this opportunity to you, but without losing connection to technological advances and maximum comfort. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain during your vacation in this place.

Here are our five reasons to visit Ricote:

Castle of Ricote

This is a great fortress that, little by little, has been consumed by nature. It is located in the Sierra del Salitre, at an altitude of 442 metres. Also known as the Castle of Los Peñascales, it was built in the 10th century after the destruction of the fortified city of Riqut, in the year 896, by the troops of the Caliphate of Cordoba.

From its ruins, you can see part of the town's urban area and a wonderful view of the Solvente Strait, which is a canyon formed by the Segura river.
You can find tour guides from whom you will learn the incredible history of the castle, as well as its purpose of construction; it was once known as the Fortress of Ricote.

Mansion of Llamas

This is a beautiful building built by Francisco de Llamas Abenza in 1702, in a French-influenced baroque style.

It is currently the seat of the Town Hall.

The Ricote Wild-Olive

Known as “Olivera Gorda”, the Ricote Wild-Olive is the oldest tree in the Region of Murcia. It is located on the La Huerta Route, on the way to the Ricote viewpoint, being one of the first stops when starting this route in Ojos.

This tree is very attractive to many biologists, environmentalists and even historians, as it has been present at countless events in the history of Murcia. According to legend, in the year 1228, Ibn-Hud, Muslim leader of the Cora de Tudmir, was crowned king under the Ricote Wild-Olive. King Ibn-Hud came to have practically all of Al-Andalus in his power.

If you go hiking along the La Huerta Route, don't miss this ancient tree!

Solvente Viewpoint

In addition to being within an excellent path for running, hiking and cycling, the Solvente Viewpoint offers a magical view of the Sierra del Salitre, as well as part of the municipalities of Abaran, Cieza and Blanca.

It is accessed by following the La Huerta Route, from the town of Ricote, where you will find the signs that guide you to the viewpoint. Necessary things? Water and a good camera, because excellent photos are guaranteed with such incredible scenery.

Celebrations that you cannot miss

If we talk about religious celebrations, Ricote is not far behind.

The patron saint festivities stand out in honour of Saint Sebastian, celebrated at the end of January, the celebration of Saint Joseph and the festivities in the Santiago neighbourhood, in honour of Saint James the Great, on July 25.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the culture of the place, as well as a bit of history. They are events full of joy and identity that you cannot miss.
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