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5 reasons to visit Ojos

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Ojos (Murcia)
Ojos is a small municipality located in the Ricote Valley region. Its name comes from the Arabic word Oxoxe, which means "ambrosia of the orchards". If there is a perfect place to raise awareness about the use of water, that is Ojos, which is considered a complete water museum.

We present our five reasons to visit Ojos:

Parish Church of St. Augustine

The Church of Saint Augustine is located in the urban centre of Ojos and dates back to the 18th century, having been built during the Baroque era. The church has been restored several times, but retains some period details.

The central altar stands in a showy golden colour, elegant, with an appearance of great social and economic value, which is striking to the eye. The sculpture of Saint Augustine, patron saint of the town, rests on the upper part of the altar, watching over every parishioner.

Nativity Scene Museum

This is located in a beautiful building, connected to the Church of Saint Augustine through a passageway.

It was inaugurated in December 2013 and permanent exhibitions are held there. In addition, it functions as an ethnographic museum portraying the customs and traditions of the municipality.

Mayes dam

Mayes dam (Ojos - Murcia)
The Mayes dam and the route with the same name are a natural beauty that, in addition to being unique, are unmissable for tourists who visit Ojos, thanks to their immensity and contrast with the arid landscape surrounding them.

The route has a length of 11.3 kilometres through the Sierra de la Muela and is considered an easy route (therefore, appropriate for families). You can engage in different activities such as picnics and walks and enjoy restaurants with delicious dishes from the area.
The peak moment is to observe the play of light provided by the sun at dawn and dusk from a peak, with views of the reservoir. Definitely, something you won't forget.

Suspension bridge over the Segura river in Solvente

Suspension bridge of Ojos (Murcia)
A route for adventurers! The suspension bridge crosses the Segura river from one section to another.

It is a fun activity for lovers of adrenaline. This Tibetan-style suspension bridge is known as "The Cradle", but don't get things wrong; this is a very safe bridge and super touristy!

With a firm step and by sticking to the edges, you can cross the bridge with total confidence. In short, it is an addition to the hiking route that offers a new panorama for those used to dirt or asphalt paths.


Within the gastronomy of Ojos, the “gachasmigas”, or rice with rabbit and snails, stands out.

It is a very rich gastronomy, with a mixture of Moorish flavours, as well as La Mancha influences. The products of the Murcian orchard are well represented.
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