Cod with tomato sauce

Gastronomy in the Bajo Guadalentin region

Gastronomy in the Bajo Guadalentin region is characterized by its combination of traditional dishes and the incorporation of new dishes or ingredients. It is food that combines simple home cooking with the seasons and celebrations.

The Bajo Guadalentin region is made up of five municipalities: Alhama de Murcia, Totana, Mazarron, Aledo, and Librilla. Its capital is Totana. Its name comes from its location south of the Guadalentin river.

In the region, the products of the orchards are not wasted. Among them, the aubergine, pumpkin, green pepper, artichoke, and zucchini stand out, combined with meats, including rabbit, which is accompanied by rice in all its forms.

Social kitchen

What and when to eat is part of the region’s sociocultural heritage. Breakfasts are slow, and one cannot miss the delicious green pepper cake and the exquisite “chicharrones”, nor the coffee with milk.

With friends, “tapas” is made, consisting of dishes to share, accompanied by beer and wine. This is done at noon, before lunch. Among these dishes to share are the “Michirrones”, the fried almonds, the cod with tomato, the blood sausage, and the “butifarra”, accompanied by different types of salads.
At Easter, all kinds of fish abound. The cuisine of cod prepared in different ways stands out. However, cod with tomato is a favourite. In summer, when temperatures rise, there is a predominance of fresh and cold dishes, with local products and many green salads and fruits.

For the winter season, the cold invites traditional seasonal food. One cannot fail to mention the pig through the traditional “pig slaughter”. At the beginning of winter, food is prepared for the whole year, with highlights including sausages such as black pudding, “butifarras”, and others.
“Jallullo” is a traditional dish that is part of the gastronomy of the Bajo Guadalentin region. It is prepared with sausage, blood sausage, onion, flour, paprika, olive oil, pepper, and salt.

The blood sausage and the sausage are fried in pieces in the olive oil and then separated to fry the onion. Subsequently, paprika, pepper, water, and salt are added. The meats are placed again and, little by Little, flour is added until it thickens. This dish is accompanied by fried bread, wine, or beer.


Another traditional gastronomy dish in the Bajo Guadalentin region is “Gachasmigas”, which is easy to prepare and a reason for meeting between neighbors. It is prepared especially on rainy days and comes with variations in ingredients, especially meat.

The traditional dish, made with bread, has been replaced by flour. In the latter case, the flour must be constantly stirred until crumbs are created. Among its ingredients are “longaniza”, bacon, sausage, “ñoras”, olive oil, garlic, water, and salt.

Its preparation begins by sautéing the garlic and the “ñoras”. Then they are separated and, in the same oil, are fried the sausage and bacon, previously cut into pieces.

Next, flour and salt are added and mixed until a dough is created. Water is gradually added until the desired consistency is achieved. The accompaniments are a special complement: grapes, pickled olives, and wine.

The gastronomy in the Bajo Guadalentin region is characterized by the combination of strong and sweet flavours that give it its uniqueness, complemented by the richness of fruits such as grapes, oranges, apricots, and peaches.