Saint Bartholomew Church (Librilla - Murcia)

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Coat of arms of Librilla (Murcia)

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Coordinates: 37.883056°, -1.35°

Distance to Murcia: 30 km

Elevation: 119 m

Population: 5,729 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Librillano (a)

Librilla is located near the Oron river and the Sierra Carrascoy, in the Guadalentin Valley.

Its history goes back to the time of the Iberians, who left archaeological remains of a settlement in El Castellar. Its name derives from the Arabic word Lymbraya, whose meaning is "Ravine of the Spectres". This refers to the ravine that runs through the town.

Its exuberant nature makes Librilla an interesting place to visit. Highlights include the Ravine of Librilla, the Barranco de Gebas, which is a vast semi-desert extension that houses a swamp of turquoise waters, and the Algeciras reservoir, with its viewpoint as a great attraction.

Agriculture is the main economic activity of Librilla, with irrigated fruit plantations, highlighting the production of lemons.

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