Hornillo Pier (Aguilas - Murcia)

Hornillo Pier (Aguilas)

This infrastructure —one of the few from the beginning of the 20th century that remains standing— is one of five British piers that survive in Spain.

It was inaugurated on August 18, 1903 and, from the beginning, was dedicated to loading iron. It was made entirely of steel and concrete and had the great advantage of being able to house and supply two ships simultaneously. It is linked to the Aguilas Station by a metal bridge that is 1,177 meters long.

The pier takes its name from El Hornillo Bay, where it is located, and is considered the second most important pier in Spain. One of the old discharge tunnels of the Hornillo Pier has recently been converted into a museum. It highlights the history and importance of the railway in the city of Aguilas through different exhibitions and interpretation spaces.

The viewpoint of the Hornillo Pier stands out for its magical environment and for being an example of Murcia's industrial heritage. It is a true open-air museum.

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